Trendy hairstyles for boys 2016

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In the coming year thnye gentlemen will enjoy a wide variety of hairstyles. They are very original, and each child can choose the one that he likes the most.

Haircut - an indicator of confidence in yourself

Mowing is not only complement the external appearance of the child, but also an indicator of the nature and Uweof attorney himself. In 2016, the choice of options for hairstyles for boys is amazing. "Kuban modeling school":, which, by the way, you can pass the , provides a look at several of the most fashionable choices:

  • poluboks - the most urgent among boys haircut. It is characterized by short hair at the temples and the back of his head and a long strands from the top face. Sometimes such an option is modified slightly longer hair starts from the fontanelle. By the way, today is a very large number of children have worn this hairstyle. It looks just greatabout;
  • Gavroche . The hairstyle that is somewhat reminiscent of poluboks. Only in this case, the upper strand of hair, and are slightly longer than the side. To provide attractive young gentlemen, the upper strand can be a little ruffle;
  • " cap " . This option haircuts used mainly for curly hair, less direct. "Riding Hood" is more suitable for very young boys. But she looks good on the big boys);
  • Hairstyle with patterns . More and more parents are choosing this kind of hair styles to draw attention to the stylishness of the child. Most often it is the line that emphasize the shape of the head, but for large extreme - whole patterns;
  • Hairstyle "casual" - the characterizuetsya natural appearance of the hair. This hairstyle is somewhat similar to "cap", but there is only matched either the bottom of the hair, creates an effect of lightness and underlines the childlike.


So, now you know what are the types of hairstyles just for your kids. Rememberthat still need to create a style from an early age, and only with time your child will be able to choose for themselves what he likes most. Do not be afraid of experimenting to do, because in them is a surprise!

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