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In this article, we'll tell you on personal experience childbirth husband and wife. The hero of our racestale - Ivan Vasiliev, editor of the portal:. He will answer to the main questions that arise: whether it is necessary to negotiate, you can be present at birth, what prices and how much to pay, staff attitudes towards pregnant.


Let's start from the beginning. My wife and I asked aroundfriends looked for reviews online, weighed the pros and cons, and chose the birthplace of the perinatal center. On the Internet, we have not found yet the women who gave birth in this institution. Therefore, to make it possible to give birth in Perinatal we visited him and talked to the women workers. We were told that the center was built primarily for railItel areas that are preferred for admission. Also, we were given a list of things that you need to have with you. Now we decided to find the answer to that physician Perinatal need to negotiate and whether to do it at all, because it is perhaps the most important issue in any family before delivery. We re-read one of the most powerful sources Reviews at the hospital and decided that the best option would be not to negotiate with anyone, and childbirth will take any good doctor on duty.

It is time

At the appointed time, when the water broke, and that was at 2:00 am, we packed up and called a cab. The reception we got for pregnant women about 3o'clock in the morning. His wife issued, then the doctor on duty had a preliminary examination and together we were taken to a separate room delivery.

Room birth looks very modern, a lot of different equipment and machinery. There was also a table, 2 chairs, a fridge and a small sofa next to present at the birth. As we have understood to be present before birthand can be any family members or parents of a woman in labor.

Back in the room was a wall bars, a large ball and a walker for support. All of this contributes to the rapid disclosure of the uterus, and all that it is necessary. So do not ignore, to ask how to use midwives and doctors.

Well, of course, inside the room the corridorChike was a toilet and shower.

As you can see, all conditions for comfortable giving birth there.


The first pregnancy is very difficult and labor can last for a very long time. Contractions that expand the basin will drain a woman, she willvery tormented, and not every man can stand it. But my wife really need your support and presence, even if you can not do anything.
My wife and I struggled all night. Periodically, once or several times an hour, we came to the doctor on duty, measure the baby's heartbeat and gave advice on how to effectively carry the fight. They came as akusherki and nurses, who were preparing pregnant women for childbirth.

In the morning when the new change, we began to go more often, and the two midwives almost always present and very helpful to his wife when it came time to push. The effectiveness of this process depends strongly on the physical preparation of women, especially the press, or pumped. So II advise you not to neglect such exercises.


Closer to the dinner we have tried for over an hour, my wife was exhausted, but did not give up. Suddenly, in a generic room simply burst into a large and rigorous cholovyaga. Behind him ran a team of doctors, midwives, nurses and interns, because hhis room was cramped. His commanding voice, he immediately led everyone in the order of battle and began handing out the team. My wife was made a local anesthetic and an incision, and then immediately after the bout there was my daughter's head, and then all of it came into the world. Immediately daughter picked up a few midwives have begun to clean, and his wife at this timeWe are sutured. After 5 minutes, the daughter had put her mother.
In fact, I was expecting something more terrible by the presence at birth. But it was once much easier and not like in the movies.
I do not regret that I did it, and my wife, too, does not regret that I have attended. She thinks I'm a great help to her.

The first hourslife after childbirth

In 15 minutes after the birth, I was asked to leave the room. I ran into the hallway where there with my mother, we began to call relatives that his wife finally gave birth.
Half an hour later we had returned to the room where the birth the midwife had helped his wife to breastfeed daughter.
While preparing placeand a room for the wife with the child, she could even have lunch. Pediatrician filled anthropometric data daughter. And I had to run for medicines and that was not enough.
Closer 17:00 Finally the room was ready, and his wife and child were taken away on a gurney in the elevator, and I took all the stuff in the bags.

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