The effect of smoking on the body, and some of the facts about smoking

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Today, unfortunately, smoking, particularly among adolescent girls and women is not uncommon. Perhaps the data that will drive the site: to help get rid of this very bad habit.

The dangers of smoking?

Burning cigarette, a person usually breathes the same poisonous gas contained in the exhaustMr. smoke vehicle, ie a car. First, tobacco smoke passes through the mouth, nose and throat. Passing through a layer of stuffing tobacco smoke from the smoldering tobacco cooled, but not enough to match the temperature of the nose and throat. The highest temperature during the formation of smoke - 90 degrees. To enter the smoke directlymouth and throat into the lungs, the smoker opens her mouth and gets back the cold air - changes in temperature lead to the formation of cracks in the tooth enamel. On the teeth tobacco tar deposited, they become yellow, joins halitosis. Heat and chemicals of tobacco smoke is definitely irritate the salivary glands of the mouth, the catorye produce a lot of saliva; We see a smoker who is constantly spits. Part of saliva swallowed with toxic substances, and the smoker begins to disturb loss of appetite, stomach pain, indigestion, in the future - a stomach ulcer.

Constant   smoking causes:

  • Inflammatione bronchi;
  • And we hear a smoker cough after sleep;
  • After coughing expectoration gray, dirty - brown sputum; Lost sonority and purity of voice, especially among girls; Color changes of the skin, especially because the body lacks oxygen.

Every cigarette typically contains about 40 substances that cause cancer. After a couple of seconds after inhaling these substances reach the lungs. Each scorched cigarette reduces chelovku life for 8 minutes. The cause of lung cancer in 8 out of every 10 patients is smoking. The risk of cancer of the cervix directly to many women, totorye-smoking, 3-chi more than non-smokers lyudey.Chastota pulse many smokers around 10-12 beats per minute.

How often do get sick smokers?

Smokers get sick more often. Smoking leads to problems in the reproductive system of women and men. In 18 percent of couples infertility is smoking. Very Negativeivno acts smoking on the fetus, which bears a woman. Nicotine is retained in the placenta and impairs blood flow to the fetus is oxygen. Teenagers who smoke, there is a delay in mental and physical development.

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