Headache: Causes and Treatment

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There are hundreds of causes of headache. I would like to focus on the most common causes, with cotorymi face. More details about this issue, we will tell Ivanov VA - the doctor of the medical center. First, consider the standard scenario of treatment of headaches: tablets, courses of injections, drip, a course of massage and others. After several treatments the pain persists and the person begins to think worse, maybe it's a tumor or problemEMA heart, and perhaps some still an unknown disease, because no one I can not help?

Then begins a serious diagnosis:


  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) or CT (computed tomography) of the cervical spine and head mOzga;
  • Next - angiography or ultrasonography (US) of blood vessels of the neck; Then - electrocardiography (ECG) analysis of the heart.

In the end, you say - you all are normal. Because there is no other logical explanation for your headaches inthe conclusion can also write the following: osteochondrosis, salt deposition, inflammation, or a pinched nerve, vascular constriction or bending, or vegetative-vascular dystonia (VVD).

What's really going on?

Let's look at the structure of the cervical spine. In order not to get entangled in unnecessary (in this case), the structure and timing, focus on core muscles, which are directly related to headaches.


Now imagine that one of the cervical vertebrae, moved (back) to the right and locks into position. In this case, certain muscles which prikrepLena left will spasm and the person begins to feel the tension and discomfort in the left suboccipital department. Intuitively, this person starts to massage the neck and feels a certain relief. After a few days of hard returns or gets worse. Man trying different rubbed ointment or tincture - helps, but timeNGOs. The next step - a course of massage, which also help to relax spasmatic m "muscles, but again - temporarily. Over time, the muscles hurt more and more, the pain goes to his head. In this case, save relaxants - drugs that weaken spasms of skeletal muscles. The drug It has its work while it is taken, and then tand the same situation - the pain returns. The questions arise: What is it? Why am I on there pain? Yes, because all this time you "treat" the symptoms and not the cause. This is the vertebra, which is fixed in the correct position, according to the wrong moves and causes an uneven load on the muscles that are attached to it. So they prDo me the favor spasm match.

What do you do?

The answer is obvious - the right, in this case, it's the bell - to put him in his place.

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