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Music is almost always accompanied by the driver on the road. Telegramimye music and a variety of travel time, and adjust the positive. We decided to ask what kind of music like to listen to famous people, driving a car, and how it affects the emotional state of the driver. And tell us about this Pavlov AP editor of the portal:.

Classical Music

If you often nervousaete prone to aggressive driving style, get in the car to drive it in classical music. It promotes positive emotions. Works by Strauss, Mozart's uplifting and cheering, the compositions of Bach tuned to a serious way - says psychologist Alla Yarema. - But rock is not worth listening to while driving. It shall entail takentinuous trends and typically include at full volume. This music a negative impact on care, the person becomes aggressive. When on the road, there are other members of the movement, the loud music distracts the driver's attention, which may simply not hear the warning signals do not notice passers or transport that nriblizhaetsya.

In the end, if someone does well, not like classical music, then forcing the person to listen to it, you can achieve the opposite effect. For example, rock and ballads can be calm. Therefore, in this situation, you just listen to yourself.

Chanson or pop?

Inents often come for the music discs. They can be divided into two categories. Older age and who travel long distances, mostly buy CDs chanson. Another category of customers - young people. They prefer popular music, listen to the way the composition of DJs and hip-hop. Listen at Home on the roads the music that does not strain. Of course, many people prefer the radio, but it is not always possible to hear what you like - says Sales shop "Music Center" Elena Shustik. - We know customers who carry a collection of CDs with you, constantly monitoring the latest innovations favorite performer. For comfortable neTransportation of drive here can be purchased and a special bag. They are designed for 20 to 40 and even 100 drives.

One of the latest trends - to listen to audiobooks on the road

In Kiev, in spite of constant and frequent traffic jams on the roads, many drivers are already using this method of time. We have itOnly there - continues Helen. - But parents who are traveling in the car with the kids, they buy audio fairy to diversify babies traveling time.

The older generation mainly for listening in the car buying collections chanson, younger drivers are more than listen to club music compilations , DJs.

Each – your

In the end, how many people, so many tastes. Make this easy. For example, the director of "Da Capo" Vasily MUSIC likes to listen to hits of the 80's or retro radio.

- The car radio turned on permanently, and only where there is no catch waves turn to drive with sound hits of the 80s. This music soothes the road- Shares it.

But the chief doctor of the medical center "Health House" Victor Belov prefers classical music.

- I love to hear a calm, soft music, well-known classical pieces. Among contemporary artists such as Julio Iglesias, from the classical - compositions by Tchaikovsky and Bach. This music soothes,despite the fact that the way the driver waits for a lot of stress - says Victor. - In general, depending on the time of year and time I prefer different kinds of music.

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