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For people far from music writing it looks somehow misunderstoodmore unlikely action. However, the latter, at least, a few years the situation is that in this action more theory than shamanism. Music contains an incredible amount of laws, rules, laws and developments, and writing music or processing complexity matching different elements give odds to many engineering problems. Compared withother branches of art I would single out the architecture: the architect must, in addition to artistic taste, have a very serious engineering training. In the same way a musician today should have a serious theoretical background and observe a solid body of rules. The rules, of course, not absolutely rigid, but they should not be broken, at leastas long as you do not learn their confidence to perform.

The knowledge of musical theory also helps to perceive music. When I have the time and mood, I'm listening to music, laid out his thoughts on the structural elements. To some this may seem boring, but, in my opinion, this music does not impoverish, but rather enriches: to Estecally address the added pleasure that you get when you look at the successful design solution.

In general, I think it will not be wrong to say that the vast development of music in the last half a millennium it was largely associated with the operating time of such rules, the development of music theory and, accordingly, mastering cnparticularly rapid (comparatively) to pass an entire store of knowledge students in the form of not only skills, but also in the form of awareness of abstract laws. Sometimes even the simplest rules give a fantastic result. Here is an example of life. The story once told by my sister:

« Today, due to certain circumstances, we were with the classin the district of DC, and it turned out that we are 10 minutes free. Not to go home, so fun, who could. There was one girl, she finished music school for piano, I saw her, maybe the second time in his life, but she knew that I finished the music, and I knew that about her. She sat down at the piano and killed a local drive has become some sort of jazz. Thennods to me - join, they say. I'm jaw dropped when I get there I do not know what to do, never improvised. My head is spinning one word: « pentatonic & raquo ;. Ahh, what a tone here? It seems that in D major, therefore, throw away ... what we throw away? Salt and C-sharp ... at key F sharp ... Well, with God.

It has become a little chases on the pentatonic scale, gently at first, then more - less orient, and it went. Then pododavala parallel thirds, then triad - was all fun. Class all looked very round eyes girls each other almost the first time they see just never played together, and then fuck ... »

PentatOnika - it pyatitonova gamma. seems complicated than that, but after a few lessons, it becomes an open book. If the emissions among the seven notes of the major scale the fourth and seventh, will majeure pentatonic. Similarly, if a minor to throw the second and sixth, minor pentatonic get. Pentatonic prevalent in many ethnicmusical styles, as well as jazz and rock. I once remarked to his sister that is very easy to build pentatonic solos - improvisation than she took advantage.

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