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Due to the increasing cost of many precious metals directly to the Internatarodnom market, rose and gold commemorative coins - an average of 30 percent. This ruling National Bank of Ukraine bіlo entered into force on 28 January. However, such a price increase does not apply to double silver and alloy (gold-silver) coins.
On January 26, the National Bank stopped selling these precious coins, and thatalso has an inventory balances, and with the 28th coin presented at the new prices. For example, the most expensive gold coin "Pectoral" 900-carat will now cost 2.8 thousand hryvnia, the old, the price of it - 2,6 thousand. UAH.

What are the most scarce coin?

As commented Head of the Treatment of cashof cash transactions and the Office of the National Bank is in the Rivne region Vitaly Brick, the most scarce, that is, those that are in demand, in our region, gold commemorative coins series "Orans" (denomination of 50, 125, 250 and 500 hryvnia) 999.9 Higher . The second place was "hit parade" for clients of the National Bank takes Rivne "Christmas" 900-th test, and finally - the coin "10 years of independence of Ukraine" (the same sample).

Gold coins are in demand among rovenchan?

The demand for gold coins among rovenchan large, said Mr. Brick. Usually, fans purchasing them - collectors. Today, even in the Internet on the boards of announcements can be foundbe record types:. Such coins are also a good and original gift that has recently become common, especially before the holidays.

It is true that a gold coin was processed on a 30 percent price hike. This - "Salamander" 999.9-carat, which is launching a series of "small coinss World "is devoted directly to the number of tailed amphibians, and the only species of the genus of salamanders it in diverse fauna of Ukraine - spotted salamander, the area of ??distribution that covers almost all the mountain and foothill areas of the Carpathians. National Bank introduced its issued December 8, 2003, and its cost is not changed - 160 manen (along with case). According to Vitaly Brick, Rivne region received 64 pieces of "Salamander" and now almost all gone.

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