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In the new edition of "Morning Coffee", where we obschaemsgiven the changes in the taxation system and the conduct of business in general. What do you think happened there during that time at least some changes? After all, we are talking about whether the government meets the demands of the people in this area?

- To change occurred, it is necessary to have passed certain processes. Unfortunately, the processesNow no owls happens, moreover, that it is always a struggle for power and for the chair. Real change does not occur, and for their implementation need to get in people's minds have changed. So now the best solution for many entrepreneurs is in Cyprus or another country. Any change, any reform, however good it is not usedyla matter what expectations it not be pinned if it is not perceived and there is no trust, then it is doomed. Unfortunately, for the moment we had no real reform. We are constantly talking about them, it's paper reforms are not implemented. Changes, unfortunately, at the moment has not happened, and if all and will continue to go on, it doestheir changes will not happen. But I believe that the changes will still take place, because the chance is always there, even in a desperate situation.

- What do you think, why reforms do not happen, because many leaders changed? < br />
- The problem is that in its place there were many people from the old system, which cling to theirchair. Of course, if you change leaders to put good people governors, chief of inspection, then it is good, but who will remain with them? The first person - that person is a public, its task is to create trends, concepts, but do not work directly with binesom. Work directly with entrepreneurs and deputy head of the inspection. We are notMinisters see, but there are those who are closer to us. Looking at these people, I think that if I can trust the tax body?

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