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According to the presidential decree:submitting documents for citizenship, everyone should predyavit document confirming possession of Russian language at a level sufficient to communicate in written and oral forms (except there: people with disabilities in group I, incapacitated people, and women 60 years and men 65 years) . So, almost every foreign migrants, kotoing decided to become a citizen of the Russian Federation will have to pass. What is this test?

The purpose of this exam – is to confirm the examinee communication skills in sufficient volume, which in turn makes it possible to successfully solve actual communicative tasks in common situations. Oncontent - this is a test, each task which includes a description of the situation and the goal you want to achieve. For each task provides instructions. The exam itself consists of five subtests: Listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary, reading and writing.


You need to listen to the eight BSituations and perform twelve tasks to them. The situation is a TV news, classified ads in the subway. Quests - is the choice of possible answers, which is associated with the content of news or announcements.


You will need to engage in dialogue and free discussion. So you are invited to read the four sieveation and start a conversation. An example of this situation: You're sick and you need to call the hospital and call on the doctor's house. You should inform your registrar: address, age, IOF, what are complaining and so. D. And lastly – conversation on a given subject. For example, about your city or family.

Grammar and vocabulary

In this test consists of 85 tasks, which you must select a correct version of the 4 proposed. The test has a job as for choosing vocabulary and grammar. For example:

1 . We hope to ….

  • your help;
  • with your help;
  • for your help;
  • for your help.


This test consists of 2 tasks. You will be prompted to write a letter of a private nature on a particular topic (the letter to specify in advance), and fill out a form.


You will need to read the text and perform four thirty jobs to them. Check bUdut your understanding of the content of these texts.

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