Cheap property in Spain - a wonderful vacation in the cultural country


Spain is considered the leading state in the world of real estate to foreign clientss, including the citizens of Russia.

And it may not be interested in the opportunity to have a house in the « & raquo ;, paradise whose price is about the price of an apartment in Moscow.

Warm sunshine can enjoy more than 300 days a year, while admiring the architectural ensembles, magnificentsecond nature and unforgettable scenery.

Buyers acquire property in Spain, depending on a variety of purposes.

Some people tend to leave their homes and live in a warm sunny spot, other acquisition of real estate is considered as a variant of profitable investment of moneyfunds.

EU-residents who own real estate in this country, to get themselves and their families Schengen visa with the right to stay up to six months. In this case, the number of movement restrictions exist.

The owner receives a permanent residence permit, if the value ofs property is more than 500 thousand euros.

Buy Property Spain Torrevieja can be relatively inexpensive. The cheapest and the availability of a wide range of buyers, Costa Blanca or in Alicante. Here you can buy an apartment for only 25 thousand & euro ;. Houses in Torrevieja start at 80-100 thousand € based mestorPositioning the. Accommodation in Torrevieja has a very attractive price for the residents of the Russian Federation.

In Spain, you can easily get a mortgage to foreigners. Credit is mainly up to 60 percent of the total cost for a period of 25-30 years with a small percentage (3% -3.5%), with early onextinction without additional charges.

Many foreign investors buying real estate is seen as a profitable investment funds, as the cost of housing in Spain is relatively low.

Rent purchased property will bring a good income. And, no doubt, hadtsa villas or apartments waiting mouthwatering vacation at ski resorts or the same on the fabulous beaches of the state with a rich history and culture.

In Spain, you can find the properties for every taste and in accordance with the different financial capabilities.

StudiI refers to the cheap enough options and is a one-room apartment, which combines separate bathroom, bedroom and living room.

To characterize apartments or apartments in Spain can be the number of bedrooms. Two bedroom apartments, for example, have a living room, kitchen, bathroom and 2 bedrooms. Danny kind of real estate has a relatively affordable price, which in turn attracts buyers. It should be noted also that the apartments are ideal for someone who is going to just relax on vacation. The cost of apartments in Spain Torrevieja starts at 26,000 & euro ;. A few are more expensive apartments Torrevieja.

The villa is one of the best views and expensive real estate in Spain. The cost of such buildings depends on the size and location of the site.

In Spain, the house is ideal for permanent residence, as they require constant supervision.

PropertyMarbella spine compared with housing in Torrevieja more expensive. Villas in Marbella price reaches 50-60 million & euro ;, and cheap houses in Torrevieja can be bought for 100 thousand €.

The decision to purchase real estate is accepted finally, comes the turn of the legal issues.

First, make a reservation document, which sets out the terms of repayment mortgage (10-15%), the end date of the transaction (no more than one and a half months).

After the backup object to the buyer opens a bank account from which the payment will be associated with the registration of real estate, as well as nalogi, utilities and others. At the same time sets out the terms on mortgages.

The next step in the design of the transaction - identification number. This is necessary for the conclusion of the sales contract at the notary. This number is obtained by the police.

Further, the agency, which will be an owlrshat deal given power of attorney. This authorization gives complete the purchase, receive NIE, as well as to act on behalf of the customer in the bank. This can be done and the client.

When all the calculations are finished, the signing of the deed is done and the buyer becomes the absolute and full ownerreal estate in Spain.

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