How to interest the child learning English

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Proficiency in English has many advantages: the ability to watch movies and read lettersAturi in the original, freedom of communication, the opportunity to meet with the ethnic traditions of the peoples of the world. 1st steps in uzuchenii English is better to start with short simple events. For example, parents of your baby can read fairy tales or poems or sing melodious songs in English. Due to the fact that the emotional bond between close lyudmi year-old child and a very strong - the child on the subconscious absorbs the melody of speech, because it is very important for parents to properly intoned and pronounce words.

If the parents speak English, then they can work on their own with your child, gently awakening and developing his interest in the subject. Matches ano to be an exhilarating experience, new knowledge and skills should priobretatsya child in a playful way. Fathers and mothers must be remembered that the training will be successful only when the child will be adjusted positively. Coercion and imposition 3 hletny child is likely to lead to a riot and cause negative, which may in the future bebarrier to the development of English.

The game is the main activity of preschoolers, more than this game will be interesting to the child, the longer it takes to play it. Introducing a new favorite game baby items, parents can diversify it. Here are useful leisure child playing while he was still talking. For a child budeso much easier to remember the word-symbols in English, for example: show the eyes, nose, cheeks so, how the child is doing in childhood, while still pronounce words in their native language. Also that English has become clearer and closer to children - call them home furnishings or clothing, toys, dishes and products - things thatsurrounding the child in the home.

Also in the study of English everywhere need to use colorful illustrations and various demos. The toy should be interesting, motivating the game, scene, for example: favorite cartoon character or a fairy tale. Very effective showing of the video sequence with sound in English andnative language.

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