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Do you think that every year brings together all the loveLei computer games? This is of course an exhibition Electronic Entertainment Expo, aka E3, where top companies, game developers will present their future creations, which will soon see the whole world. By the way news download game world you can torrent website. 2014 was no exception - all well-known companies once again surprised gayexamples: nemyslemye graphics, interesting plot, dynamics and high-quality voice acting. So at this year's E3, which took place from 10 to 12 June in Los Angeles, gamers have seen new brainchild of the famous game designer Sid Meier. After 15 years, he again wants to bring his already legendary « Civilization » into space, far beyond the nRedel Earth. Instead of the long-awaited 6 Civilization at E3 studio Firaxis, headed by Sid Meier presented the game Beyond Earth, made on the basis of Civilization 5 simulator of the first settlers on one of plenet solar system, Alpha Centauri. We remind almost 15 years ago Firaxis released very steep at one time a global strategy Alpha Centauri, though she was not a huge success. But with Beyond Earth all very different. The game has vyd Commercial « fashion » for Civilization 5, though in a good way « mod & raquo ;. The game begins with the fact that large states with overpopulated Earth launch several huge ships, colonies, to the nearest suitable forcolonization of the planet. You act as permanent captain of the 1st of these ships, presiding over a new alien settlement and defend the interests of their people, even if you have to destroy all other nations in the newfound alien house.

A huge part of a new home infested with poisonous toxins and gases, therefore, beforeconstruction of its 1st settlement, you will have to spend terramorphing. True, even decades later when you will be able to prepare a small piece of land unsuitable for life and founded the 1st city, it does not promise you a sweet life: after all, very soon you will have the pieces to win the whole planet, as fighting with other civilizations escapedfrom Earth, and hostile natives.

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