Corrugated and its production


Corrugated box is one of the nairasprostraneyshih inide corrugated cardboard (carton). Produce it from triple, double-wall and corrugated board. It is widely used in industrial and domestic purposes for the transport and storage of various crossings, sizes and storage.

The properties of corrugated packaging:

  • easy storageation;
  • convenient transportation;
  • opposition to the penetration of moisture;
  • standoff shock;
  • resistance flatness and end compression;
  • the ability of cardboardtions boxes and corrugated boxes withstand a fall from a low altitude;
  • retains its shape during the vibration.

The technology of manufacture of corrugated cardboard

Before starting the production of corrugated cardboard intended for corrugating rolls of paper and put in a room,air temperature > 15 ° C. for 24 hours must pass their conditioning. Further unwinding rolls are mounted on the machine, then prepared cardboard and paper are fed to the intermediate rolls are heated cylinders. So goes moisturizing and heating the paper, allowing the glue priniknut deep into the paper and reliably gluingis the paper with cardboard. Further, the production of corrugated board passes on crimping press. Then the paper is passed between the corrugating rolls, a temperature of about 180 ° C. As a result - we get wavy layer specific profile. Further, the corrugated paper is placed in an applicator machine, wherein the shaft with an adhesive on one side of the paperand applied adhesive film. Thereafter, the flat cardboard combined with a corrugated layer and process pressure roller and as a result we obtain the dual-layer corrugated cardboard. Thereafter, corrugated board is placed in a drying apparatus where it is dried and glued. Drying process itself can occur by means of steam and electricity drying plates. When thism glue hardens and removes moisture from corrugated board. Next corrugated transported to the cooling of the automated line. In this production of corrugated board can be considered complete.

Corrugated box (thanks to high-tech corrugated cardboard) - a guarantee of reliableStorage and transportation. To date, corrugated box meets all the quality standards. In the manufacture of corrugated boxes use ~ only environmentally friendly materials and raw materials, which makes it possible not to worry for the safety of the product that is transported.

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