How to find a tutor in English


If you need, then you have several options: an acquaintance, An ad in a magazine, newspaper or online, school teacher or university. All of these options are good in their own way, but each of them has its "pitfalls".

Tutor, who was invited on the recommendation of your friends often tries to show his best side and will staratsya throughout training period. The truth is there is noguarantee that the approach used to tutor you know, come up and you. Payment will be similar to your friend.

Tutor from the university or school - fit, those who officially he is and learns. Such an approach is good that there are at least small but ensure that your performance will increase. Only ignorant St.odavatel bad to teach the student, which improves its financial position. You will be trained on such individual program itself.

When you need an independent search articulate the tutor what you ozhydaete from it and how much you can pay him for it. And remember that the ad on the fence often hang peopleand who are not trained in modern methods of job search, although for the announcement of a paper, may be hiding an old and experienced teacher who has retired and looking for part time. The truth is anyone you manage otiskat an ad in a magazine, newspaper or online, and how much you spend on this effort, time and nerves you do not tell anybody. It happensthat the search tightened and tired of them, the choice falls on the candidacy, which in the end will be far not the best, although a coach who does not have personal contact with you, all the time allotted to study the entire spend on training.

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