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At a time when the Internet is available almost everywhere, it is hard to imagine that people will not use all of its features to the fullest. One of them is able to buy any goods and products online from the comfort of home. A striking example of this form of the relationship of buyer and seller is online from MDNgroup. This is one of the largest virtual marketplaces of the city, which allows its clients to become owners of the most diverse products, from personal hygiene to auto products, from food to stationery.


a worldwide network Segodnya lacking in the online stores of all sizes, price group and product category. Most of them moved away from its original objectives, in particular delivery of goods more affordable prices than in a real commercial network. Unfortunately, this difference is no longer there, but not here.

MDNgroup is not the familiar virtual or real marketplace. In the first case, we features a huge selection of goods of different categories, which are actually cheaper (even including shipping) than in any ordinary supermarket. In contrast to the real trading platform, we provide our customers the opportunity to select and pay for the product in a matter of minutes, not wasting time running around the city. Moreover, active cooperation with the largest companies in the field of delivery of goods, allows us to obtain them within two or three days. If the client is located in Kharkov, this time is shortened to a few hours, allowing you to spend it wisely on something else.

Our team makes the effort to ensure that customers are satisfied not only from the purchase, but also from the process. This contributes to the intuitive, thoughtful interface and highly qualified managers and consultants, who will answer all your questions at any time.

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