Konsulsko legalsize documents: Shcho TSE?

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Konsulsko legalsize documents - TSE procedure nadannya document yuridichno Seeley for vikoristannya Yogo there NSA powers. Legalsize robotica for countries that do not papouli Hausiku Convention. TSE dorocha I trevalla procedure, vdmo from apostille. For this reason respectively to the procedure document moju prohoditi as much as two Cola legaltech. TSE if the seal spochatku appears on orignal documents and potim differently once on h pereklad. The I tilki after tsofirst to ctivities signet mark I of the Consulate of the country podaci.

by the way, if you Raptor tradability of konsulsko legalsize, for example, documents for China in Ukraine, in CIV Shvidko I easy to do , you dopomozhut Bureau perekladu "Letter": . Stink to tablet legalsize your documents in Ministerstv Ustic Ministerstv Zakordonnih Guide, and also put signet of I a stamp of the Consulate of the country podac documents.


the Yak to do konsulsko legalsize?

of Course to do legalsize not vazhko I not expensive, but expensive for an hour. For tsogo document guilty be called a few more pass KL in MZS I Mnust Ukraine. If briefly, the procedure legaltech ye so:

  • Put the seal in MZS on orgnal document;
  • Ctivities signet in Mn just on orignal document;
  • Ralitsa pereklad z hodnoceni sarenna COP document I to the cap by a notary;
  • Ctivities signet MZS on pereklad document;
  • Ctivities signet Mn the law on pereklad document;
  • I lastly, all saratica, consulist potrebno you country.

Fallow from the document I country in procedur producing legaltech mozhut Buti nevelik vdnet.


Chomu better should refer to specialists?

of Course you can go Qiu procedure separatist. Ale better should I profesonals to posbility yourself from turbota I nervana. In the above, the Bureau perekladu "Letter", iz zadovolennya to tablet for you legalsize documents in nanorods Termini. In resultat VI garantovano will sodalite sviy hour I Nervi!

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