Vacuum bags for storing clothes: How to use them correctly?


Vacuum bag for storing clothes easily cope previously seemed to be almost impossible to save it a couple of times the amount of things and as a result, releases on the shelves more free space. Also, it is almost indispensable for those people who are very used to travelling and does not want to part with your favorite things.

Vacuum bags convenient to use not only for storage, they can also put bed linens, stuffed toys, blankets and pillows. These packages are designed for multiple applications and if you follow the simple rules of their use, they will last long enough.

the Rules of application of vacuum packages:

  • can be folded completely dry and exceptionally clean clothes. The cause of bad breath can become even a slight moisture;
  • to Distribute things in these packages should be evenly and should not nabaviti it to the limit;
  • sharp detail things should not come into contact with the vacuum package, otherwise directly in the pumping of his air they are able to damage it. Best of all the straps, buttons and buckles to hide inside, and cover them with something soft;
  • it is Better not to lay down to vacuum pack clothes of fur and leather, as well as 15 kg of things;
  • as soon as you make sure that all the things neatly stacked, close the vacuum bag with zipper Zip Lock, then check whether it is sealed;
  • to deflate the air from the bag will fit any model of vacuum cleaner. All that is necessary is to insert a special valve hose and remove air from the bag. This process takes only a few seconds, after which the valve should be closed with a lid;
  • If this package will be stanitsa things with feather or down filling, then it is better not to compress their volume , than 50 %. At very long storage ( 6 months) experts advise to open the package, and then again to pump the air out.


Vacuum bag will keep things intact, will protect them from moths, moisture and dust. By the way, to buy vacuum bags for clothes storage for wholesale prices you can online hypermarket

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