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Situations when a person might need urgent qualified medical aid daily is enough. Another thing, how complex is the situation and whether you can cope with the tasks by local medical institutions. Statistics show that such situations are not enough, and an obstacle to successful treatment or recovery of the patient can be qualified staff, and an objective lack of necessary equipment. Quickly to reverse the scales in their favor, sometimes it can only air patient transport.

And why not an ambulance?

Someone may argue, and rightly so, why the plane, because it is expensive and it is possible to reach by ambulance. So it is true, but if the distance to the destination is large, e.g., several hundred kilometers, the time will be spent too much. Yes, and we should not forget about the state of our roads - it may well kill the patient before the time.

the aircraft is devoid of these shortcomings, as in any aircraft which is used for similar purposes, first, significantly more space. This means that the patient can accommodate comfortably, and with it to send the necessary equipment and accompanying staff. Secondly, time will be spent much less and this increases the chances of success of the event.

Ways flights

the patient Transport to the final destination by aircraft, may be carried out with three types of sides:


    Specialized medical. This option, though more expensive, but in the meantime the best, because take has everything necessary to monitor the patient's condition and resuscitation actions;

    Charter. When the patient's life is not in danger, his condition is stable, then you can use the side of private aviation. To embed the patient will have to use special rack mounted between the seats; the

  • Commercial. Speaks for itself. This option is useful when there is no other. For example, during the fighting needed to transport wounded from the battlefield. The obvious advantage of this method is the ability to place aircraft inside the ambulance and not to overload the person from place to place.

what is the option to stop depends primarily on the condition of the patient, capabilities and sanctions the attending physician on the flight.


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