Repairs in a new apartment: where to begin?

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Anyone will be happy with the purchase of apartments in the building. Really thinking about difficulties very quickly bring a person down to earth. Particularly frightening factor is the repair, but whatever it was, it will have to do anyway. Next, we take a closer look at how to do .



Due to the fact that the first 2-VA year new home can shrink, it is not recommended to lay tile, because the shrinkage it is he who will suffer the most.

Before hanging Wallpaper it is imperative to produce finishing of the walls. You ask: why? . Because in the new apartment, it often happens that, initially, all of the walls are uneven. If you doubt, then take the water level and make sure that. What it may lead? And the fact that trying to adjust the picture Wallpapers directly during the hanging process, you will be defeated.

to Decorate the walls You can also through painting, installation of panels etc.



Never use a polyurethane finish of the ceiling plate, because, despite the beauty and elegance over time, this material is prone to yellowing, and it collects dust on its surface. Also, these tiles are often disappear. For finishing the ceiling is better to use drywall or do the suspended ceiling.


Windows and soundproofing

the Installation of Windows you can do it immediately, do not be afraid that they will deteriorate from shrinkage. Metal-plastic Windows will serve you for a very long time. The main thing is to dorucit their installation to the professionals, they will leave in the seams need clearances, which in turn will not allow the window to deform during shrinkage.

You ask: "why do we touched on the topic of insulation?". But because in the new house, the coming years all of his tenants, without exception, will be engaged in repair their own apartments, as a result, you can get a lot of stress from the endless knocks, etc. in Order to be calm you need to allocate some money for the purchase of acoustical panels. The best choice will be the cork panel who are not afraid of deformation and absorb the sound.

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