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Ask yourself the question: "How often do I visit the library?". Most likely your answer, as most people will Never. Now the library is mostly visited by students if they need to find a specific material for the exam or term paper. But just to have fun people today almost never visited the library. Modern day you are going to a restaurant, a bar, a caf? or a concert of a popular artist etc. But this is not to say that people do not read anymore.

Modern technology gives the possibility to extract all sorts of information without even leaving your home. For example, allows you to find the required documentation, to read a fiction book or specialiter, etc. it Should be noted that this system has huge number of advantages.


"+" electronic libraries:

    getting the right information, regardless of location. So, you have the opportunity to read literature they need or find necessary document in the Internet-cafe, work office, home (i.e. wherever there is a PC and access to the global web);

    Efficiency of the submitted data. Use machinemachine copies gives the possibility to exclude (or greatly reduce) the direct use of the original documents (rare or valuable) and save copies of them in case of loss of original;

    a More complete and almost limitless use of digital information. E-library makes it possible to access books that are unique or produced in limited quantities, and as a result cannot be obtained by most people in regular libraries (photo books, foreign publications, rare books, etc.);

    to Use the electronic library can people Lubasha preferences, professions and ages. Here there are works by contemporary authors, and classic literature, and technical documentation, as well as stories and tales for young children.

Today, thanks to the Internet you can not only book movie tickets, buy furniture, home appliances, power tools, etc., and also read an exciting book, which will be very difficult or even impossible to find in conventional library.

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