Binoculars for hunting: how to choose?


the 1st part, the purchase of binoculars is a very simple lesson, their choice is now very large with a 2nd hand to choose a pair of binoculars, so that match absolutely all requirements to it, is not so simple. How to choose binoculars for hunting and the need to pay attention to the ordinary hunter 1st place? These questions will be answered by the employee online store in which you can buy at an affordable price. The optimal device should have certain characteristics, which we describe next.


Main settings

  • Scope. In the 1st place it is necessary to determine in what circumstances and exactly where the optics will be applied and therefore it is necessary to choose the necessary size of the outer lens and the magnitude of the increase;
  • Multiplicity. In the forest the best is a 7-8-fold increase. In the steppe and forest-steppe will fit a 10-fold increase, and in the mountains often use the 12-fold and more instruments, but purely in a pair with a tripod;
  • lens Diameter. That's the 2nd most important parameter, which in the 1st turn affects the breadth of the field of view, angle of view and light-gathering power of the binoculars. The better indicator of intensity, the more realistic, sharper and brighter the object being monitored;
  • Linear field (lat field of view). This value (in meters) indicates the max available image that people can see at a distance of 1 in kilometer. An indicator of the breadth of the field will be higher, the greater the diameter of the output lens. The best record from 100 m to 1 km;
  • External dimensions. Now there are 2 island view binoculars with porro-prism and roof-prism. The first devices for more size, however, and the picture is more realistic and three-dimensional;
  • Weight. This indicator is of great importance for the running of the hunt. Then, of course, the lighter the device the better. However, there is one "but": the reduction of weight get due to the diameter of the lens, small magnification, replace the mounts of the lenses and the material of the body of the binoculars on the plastic and use fewer optical groups. High-quality optics with mid-range cost (7х35 or 8х32) has a weight of 500-600 grams. Everything below has very low quality or that their performance does not meet the requirements of the hunt.

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