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it is Unlikely that the great Navigator and pioneer, Christopher Columbus thought how big will be the problem of Smoking in the future, when first brought in Europe tobacco. However, today there is a proven way to enjoy a favorite pastime, but to avoid harmful influence on the organism and the health of others. It is an electronic cigarettes, a large selection along with accessories and liquids, Smoking area can be found in the online store or Smoke .

the Basics

depending on the size, class of device and configuration, the electronic cigarette may resemble outwardly normal cigarette and even a big cigar. If we consider it stuffing and manner of operation, it is nothing like classical inhaler. In its composition we can distinguish three key components:


    Cartridge liquid. It is a nicotine containing liquid is the main consumable for Smoking;

    Atomizer. Vaporizer or vaporizer (from the English. vapor - vapor ), which, depending on the mechanism of action converts the liquid into an aerosol that you can breathe. In fact, from the name of this component most likely took the term vaping/vaping , which denotes the process of Smoking an artificially generated aerosol of the mixture. the

  • Battery. The battery pack provides Autonomous operation of the evaporator and of the cigarette.

Worth considering

the Use of e-cigarettes and liquids from the Smoke has a number of advantages over the classic tobacco cigarettes that determine the growing popularity of the gadget:

  • It doesn't leave that terrible smell, a smell that haunts just Smoking citizens, especially to be felt at the entrance to the room;
  • the
  • Thanks to food additives in the composition of the liquid, the smoker receives the sensations, similar to those that occur when Smoking traditional cigarettes;
  • the
  • an E-cigarette can be used more than once, just changing from time to time the liquid, whereas the regular buying of packs of cigarettes cost far more;
  • This is the kind of Smoking that is not in public prohibition; the

  • Stylish gadget creates the right image in the society;
  • the
  • Using electronic counterparts is a great chance to finally quit Smoking harmful regular cigarettes.

online shop Smoke provides its customers with the best gadgets and liquids to them, after testing them in order to avoid misunderstandings.

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