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And so, you started a website or blog. How to make it popular? After all, if it is a commercial project for example Internet shop, the number of visitors depend on your sales. If you blog and want to earn on advertising, the number of clicks depends on the profit. And the number of clicks depends on attendance. Even if you blog for fun, you still want to read it more people. In particular, it is necessary that your website or blog appeared on the first maximum on the second page of the search.

First of all sign up in search engines. Of course now the search engines quickly find new website, however, sometimes come to him after six months and a year. By the way, if you are interested in more information you will find on the website:

Fill your site as a large number of publications. The number of publications depends on your attendance. And it must be not a few dozen or even a hundred, two, and about a thousand or more. You can write yourself, and can take information from somewhere. Anyway, if your goal is attendance replenish and replenish. If the online shop then first of all fill the site with information about the products. Not in vain will be exhibiting a variety of interesting information that applies to your store.

Sign up on the websites of the registrars on which to start the counter. Actually own counters, and you do not need much, but these sites may cause you more visitors. Plus they will contain links to your website and the more links to your website, the better. They often take into account the search engines, and can bring a few visitors a day.

Put links to your website on a few other websites, forums, discussions. Where you can. Of course, no need to spam too, and it will fall into the black list. But at least some tens place.

Not superfluous service from google: Google webmaster, the service allows you to monitor your site statistics attendance of individual publications and where visitors come from, improve the indexing of your website, find some problems. Another service for website owners from Google there is Google Analytics. Similar services are available in other search engines.

possibly put more keywords on your pages. Add tags and labels. After all, one of the criterion which determines the ranking of your website in the search frequency of occurrence of certain words.

Place information about new products or articles on social networks. Fortunately there are various services that do this automatically using the press of a button, Like, Facebook, twitter, etc. be Sure to place these buttons in your articles so that readers themselves spread information about you.

And most importantly don't expect that if you did all this in one day, you will rush a lot of visitors tomorrow, the search engines and users need a certain time to fall in love with you :). Website promotion is an ongoing process. Of course you can spin through the spam on the forums, however, this glory is transient. The best solution is still the content of the site a variety of information on popular subjects. A number of search engines are statistics of popularity of queries and you quickly see which topics interest your readers more. Good luck!

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