What now there are varieties of orthopedic mattresses


we All know that sleep is 1 of the most important components of the life of any person, but not everyone knows that low-quality bed can significantly reduce this very life. Mental disorders and diseases of the spine are those gifts that can reward bad mattress or sofa. That is why the choice of mattress is quite important.

Different people used to different beds and on the degree of elasticity and softness of the bed podiatrists can argue continuously. Man it was such a comfortable bed, to which he was accustomed from childhood, and not the fact that it is optimal to the spine.

the Last time the phrase mattress has become very fashionable, and firmly established in the life of modern man, but no one knows for sure what the mattress needs to be.

the Main types of mattresses this spring and springless. Each of which has its "+" and "-" and tell us about them employee online store profitmebel.com.ua where you can order .


spring mattresses

the Basis of these structures are springs. Their main advantage is the form of mattress, which is very quickly restored when pressure is applied. In addition, you can choose a suitable elasticity and softness of the mattress. These mattresses you can apply without a bed - just put them directly on the floor (though with large springless mattresses you can do the same thing). These mattresses are environmentally friendly, as they consist of air springs, as well as good trim, but they have a very short life. Spring mattresses can very quickly lose its orthopedic properties and is also impractical for transportation because they cannot be folded compactly.


Springless mattresses

these mattresses are more durable than spring, though only if they are made from quality materials. Today is a very important point in choosing a mattress is environmentally friendly in the mattress must be a minimum of synthetic materials (e.g., batting or foam). But, the presence of purely natural materials significantly affects the cost of such a mattress. The most eco-friendly, affordable and common material is coconut fiber (coir).

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