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It is a worldview, an ideology, a way of perceiving the environment that are instilled in us from the days of the Soviet Union in some way creates the misconception that to learn a language is necessary to attend school or courses. By and large this practice exists, it is claimed, and to this day, as real communication with the teacher and staff there is no substitute. But time does not stand still, but rather it does seem that the enormous pace of life. In such circumstances come to the aid of advanced digital technology - online schools language training. Therefore, if you have access to the Internet and are concerned about "", then you direct road to Studiorum.


that for modern man the knowledge of foreign languages, especially English, German, French, vital is an indisputable fact. The only way you can count on some privileges in education abroad, profitable employment (including at home), cooperation with foreign partners. However, the time to visit full-time courses are sorely lacking, and self-training by the method of "someone there" is unlikely to bring tangible results.

In this situation, the approach offered by online school Studiorum has tangible benefits:

  • first, saving time and money. Now you do not need to rush headlong to the tutor or to attend courses that are on the other side of town, spend money on travel, time off from work. Classes are held at the exact moment when you are ready for this;
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  • secondly, a convenient time. In order to begin the lesson, student should have access to the Internet and gadgets to arrange a video conference through Skype. Consequently, to hold the lesson at home, on the street, in cafes, in the office - anywhere you have access to the network;
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  • third, the availability of the Internet allows you to always have on hand a wide range of auxiliary information - library, games, instructional videos, etc.;
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  • fourth, individual approach. In contrast to independent distance learning, or group courses, there is personal contact with the lecturer, which takes into account characteristics of the client.

who directed the program?

Online school Studiorum offers programs specially designed for children of younger and school age, students, working people. We will help prepare you for the EIT and the international exams, interviews. Our approach does not differ from the usual activities. All training materials are provided absolutely free, and homework assignments you can perform by hand and scanned to send to the teacher.

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