Problems of creation of textbooks


the Problem of textbooks is that the content of modern textbooks is not enough focus on the acquisition of a pupils life competencies, and does not focus on the needs of the time, for the future of vocational and further education. In addition, some school textbooks is not attractive to children, both in the form of paving material, and on external characteristics. This testifies to the low quality of textbooks. By the way, if you are interested in more information you will find on the website:

In the last decade there has been a renewal of books. This is due to the fact that for the first time began the creation of Russian kit. Unfortunately, public opinion proves that these changes occurred largely in favor of quality educational books. The results of the surveys conducted in the framework of the project among teachers, school administrators, during 2002-2003 indicate that teachers and students felt the lack of certain textbooks on new subjects in accordance with the programs, what became apparent - the content does not fully meet the requirements of time and not aimed at the acquisition of necessary life competencies (76%), the presentation of material is not always interesting for the students, this does not encourage them to study.


the Problem of choice of authors

the problem of the choice of the authors of most of the foreign educational circles centered around the basic question: who can be an author? Most of the views among the teaching community coincide in position, the best authors are practicing teachers. This view is accompanied by the existence of effective mechanisms at all stages of writing and promoting school textbooks.

the procedure of creation of school textbooks in many European countries necessarily involve extensive discussion among educators, scientists, and users of existing traditional and innovative teaching practices, the subject of textbooks, new technology education development and other aspects. These mechanisms allow to define the quality criteria and requirements for school books, which are due to the needs of the community, and consider professional and public interest norms and standards inherent in the industry textbooks.

First of all, for the interest of the authors to create textbooks basic position is that writers who will work on the textbook, should not only have practical experience, but also to deal with the modern pedagogical methods and forms of training and education, and therefore have to deal not only with a narrow subject area, but also have the necessary technology and to comply with the requirements of the school books.

on the other hand, the author needs to ensure that the system of textbooks will give him equal footing with other authors competing for the favor of the consumer, that is, teachers and students. That is why many countries have clear and transparent mechanisms for the functioning of an impartial, independent commissions, expert and attraction to such examinations of the users of textbooks, qualified specialists, as well as the existence of transparent mechanisms to encourage authors to develop textbooks.

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