Trade the ruble on the Forex exchange: key features


the Russian currency is now become very popular in the foreign exchange quotes on the famous stock exchange trading. If you do not take into account the large spread, we can safely say that the domestic traders are actively trading certain currency pairs ruble. Most often it is combined with the dollar or the Euro. By the way, if you are interested in more information you will find on the website:


Why trade the ruble on the Forex exchange is very important for Russian traders?

• the given currency is usually leaves a huge number of news, financial trends, and you can also find online many analysts.

• the Russian currency is characterized by the fact that it has a very high volatility (it allows you to offset the spread, which ranges from five to fifteen points).

• You will be able to predict the course that is associated with the ruble.

• in order to greatly increase the profitability, it is possible to use brokers with variable spreads.

the Most popular currency pairs that involve the participation of the ruble is EUR/RUB and USD/RUB. Interestingly, almost all brokers in such a well-known trading platform as MT4 is possible to meet the indicative quotes of the USD/RUB and EUR/RUB.


Why is it profitable to trade ruble pairs EUR/RUB and USD/RUB?

  1. as for the Euro pairs trade is usually conducted with a direct focus on news directly from the Euro zone.
  2. the
  3. Dollar pair (this cost would expect from any suit in which a party is U.S. currency) is the leader in the Forex market by turnover (Russian zone). For this pair is much easier to trade, because out a lot of useful news and Analytics. Usually this currency pair regularly traders to trade in those hours when running the Moscow exchange, and after it closed, the liquidity of quotations gradually begins to decline.

to make a forecast of the Russian currency in direct relationship to American or European you can begin to apply different methods of analysis, up to the use of the index Bigmama.

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