Charles University in Prague


the Charles University, the most prestigious University in the Czech Republic and the oldest University in Central Europe. It was founded by the Roman Emperor Charles the 4th with the Czech king in 1348.

This UNIVERSITY along with Bonn, Leiden, Oxford, the Sorbonne, University of Geneva, and Bologna member of the Association of European Universities.

the faculties of the Charles University lectures are delivered by teachers from the most famous universities of the world.

the University has 17 faculties (2-VA of which are located in Hradec kr?lov?, 14-th, Prague, and 1-in - Pilsen). Works here 7,000 employees, 4,000 of whom are researchers and scientists.



  • Hussite theological;
  • Catholic theology;
  • Evangelical theology;
  • Health in Hradec kr?lov?;
  • the 1st health;
  • the 2nd medical;
  • Medical in Pilsen;
  • 3rd medical;
  • Legal;
  • Pharmaceuticals in Hradec kr?lov?;
  • Natural Sciences
  • Philosophical;
  • faculty of mathematics and physics;
  • Social Sciences
  • Teaching;
  • Humanitarian studies;
  • Sport and physical culture.

More details about the faculties you can read on the website .

studying at the University is Czech, but there are some faculties where you can study in English. language:

  • sport and physical education (sports and physical culture, physiotherapy);
  • health (dental, General medicine).

At the Charles University in Prague for international students to study in Czech is completely free, but in English. - will be worth $ 7 - 15 tees. a year.



  • full-time;
  • combination;
  • correspondence.

Completely in all faculties of education to receive a master's degree or bachelor's degree, as well as possible doctoral thesis.

pay Great attention to international cooperation with very prestigious scientific and educational institutions. Thus, it was concluded 190 international partnership agreements with various foreign universities.

Then learn to students from 48 countries, among which are many Germans, Austrians, British, Americans and citizens of other States that have a high level of economic and social development and that directly contribute to the international recognition of diplomas, the highest international authority, as well as the quality of training.

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