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Student schedule: ViDi I h features

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Cutaneous lyudin pam at ti rocky, if won Bula student I uchilsya in educational Zaklad. All life of the student polygala in fact, dwellers, pisati wlasnosc of student work I kreslici VSI neohd tablets I kreslene. After school vsogo lachey akikos ten years ago few people cristobalite printers and copiers.

All student work pisanica from the hands of I for tsogo need Bulo duzhe bagato hour. Today life students in this wtnozen protilase. Z'yavylysya technology, that dozvolyayut nabirat text I navti tablets on comp uter I potim perenesite h on paper for DOPOMOGA printer.

Yaki W onown ViDi studentskih robt, yaki Boule in a view from the past, and what now? Razglyadev h detaljne I respost us about them, the editor of the site, at any zbran student work on all those Mogilev. Therefore:

  • On-Perche, TSE abstract. Pokey navaca in educational Zaklad, referatu be reported, pisati bagato, s RSNA disciple I RSN on those. The word "abstract" in pereklad s latinsko this means "Dopod". Student vivca Dan Yom wildcam topic, opis , on paper I potim, if need, wistuba before svoimi classmates I vikladach s cu theme;
  • In another TSE controlling the robot. For navchannya in skol mi znamo scho a test is written, bezposrednio on URI. Ale, pid hour navchannya in educational Zaklad control datsa students "Dodoma". Lecturer da students pevnyi hour for vikonannya kontrolno of work. If navchannya zaoczne, z Kono discipline datsa control, Yak it, savati in CNC Kono sec. Good written robot - TSE warrant, scho student sdast sesw;
  • Tret TSE Dopod. Nod in navchalna the mortgages vikladach give students the challenge write a commentary Dopod. After the skin napisanna student wistuba zi sway Dopod before USA;
  • In the fourth, TSE diplomnoy project. TSE duzhe it's important part of the learning. Those diplomnik proektu vikladach razzauti be called a few more over the months to zakonchena navchannya. TSE robotica for dwellers, students have stigli of retrobyte I vikonati sviy diplomnoy project. In CNC navchannya Tsey project necessary, zachistit. For pdsummary Zahist lecturer to put once in Saltovka. So, to vikonannya diploma project need pdfedit especially Vdovin.

the TSE is not VSI ViDi robt, that brought wykonujace students process navchannya.

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