How to choose a quality and tasty tea?


an Ancient proverb from China States: "Tea is our fire in life!". This ancient drink is actually a favorite throughout the Land. Without it does not pass any important event. The abundance of tea on the shelves of all the stores is very huge. And then supplied the question: how to choose a quality and tasty tea? You first need to decide what You want to drink tea. They come in many varieties, colors and types. By the way, if you are interested in for tea, the more information you can visit the website:


What are the teas on color?


    White tea. This tea refers to the teas of the first crop, which usually consists of half of the leaves already. The leaves are often covered with small white hairs. In the process of brewing this tea has a pale or dark yellow color and delicious aroma.

    Green tea. This tea takes 1st place in all the Land, the richness of the range and huge popularity. The color of this brewed tea — bright green or light, and sometimes transparent; the aroma is delicate, pleasant and most importantly it is fresh. In this case, as in the previous, a lot of useful minerals and the important vitamins.

    green tea. He himself is close to green tea (this includes properties). Thanks to a good quick and easy fermentation when brewing this tea yields a light yellow infusion. Interestingly, until the early 20th century, this tea has banned all export from a country like China. For the manufacture of yellow tea top grade, which is collected on the famous mount Jun, usually takes about four days. the

  • red tea. It is fermented. Red tea is characterized in that it has properties, such as black and green tea. In the process of brewing this tea drink has a dark honey color, and his long and soft finish you will remember for a long time.
  • Black tea is 3rd in the world for volume of production. This tea is second only to green and red. Black tea is first and foremost, it is a product of fermentation. The older the tea is, the softer you will feel its taste.

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