Erotic massage: the rules for men and women

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In the life of every man sexual pleasure are not just limited to lovemaking. A special kind of pleasure is erotic massage, which includes massage, heavy petting and the beauty of contemplation of the naked body. This type of massage - it is a game where touch directly interspersed with kisses and soft strokes. Qualitatively, the erotic massage is able to deliver no less pleasure than sex itself. The main task of erotic massage is not so much arousal as relaxation. By the way, if you are from Ufa, thanks to the sersis you may find yourself master of erotic massage ( see website for


Why is it needed?

This massage has a positive effect directly on the harmony of feelings, sexual energy, and also helps to explore the erogenous zones, awakening new emotions and sexual feelings, helps to achieve emancipation.


General principles

In the process of erotic massage better apply cream of natural origin, because the strong smell can interfere with the case. If we talk about aromatic oils, to excite popular scents are: bergamot and cinnamon, patchouli and orange blossom, iris and Jasmine, ylang-ylang and tuberose.

the massage should be completely relaxed to do this right before the session you can take kamawanu.

the Performer or the performer of erotic massage is often do it in the Nude, though a woman can also slip into something airy and light directly on a naked body.


Men's nuances

mens the Most sensitive places are hollows behind the knees, inner thighs, tailbone, buttocks, nipples and surrounding skin, head, toes and hands, the area of the abdomen between the pubis and the navel, as well as special individual zones for every man, known only to him.


Women's nuances

Ladies erotic massage is not very much different from the male massage, but women, the main erogenous zones are: hair, chest, arms, sides, toes, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, abdomen, especially the lower part and the line of the knees or the waist.

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