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VI Scho do you know about Shanice? Likely, VI ne about Nikoli no Chuli. In z quiet, hto about Demba CHUV, known that those scho TSE newlike kurortne mistechko znahodytsya in Truskavets rayon I nichogo more.

Shanice - the meeting place, de converging highways. Now won state osterone from peretino golovnih dorg. Hello all as Bulo nacse. By the way, if you versile Deposite in Shaniz, to know more details about hotel Senator VI can sit: .


History poseleniya to dosite.

Kolis here nahodilsya selyshche Gold Bath (one at a time so nazivaetsa Vulich Tsentral'nyi z, z ako seen the great the Church s posolochnye domes - Ukr. "Baths"). From XIII Stolt village Bulo povnistyu rujnowanie Tatars, mstioga population mayzhe not zalishilosya, and into the valley of steel shoditsya people s RSNA lands. I SDE Nova title Shanice.

TSE infections here mayzhe edge civilsoc. And as far SOSM in burn Isla vesicocolic road, bilya village of Maidan can pobachiti Cam an opori scho balisilica from colinh salanitri most.

Edge, the CCB not only they-let .. bagatini Lami I ribniki lakes - there dobyvali naphtha. Sparse just vdram drew s vimpani pits. In Danian hour in Dalin can pobachiti "neftekachalki" - Yak Sandman, so I clcom robots.



Nashi dni Shanice all more nabua popularnost Yak balneology resort. All vpevnena won kankuro s Truskavets for klkl I actu clusa jerel. Asking Dzherela "blagorodie" - z navsari, cranes, scho znahoditsya center in the villages of ABO poruch z great spas. The stench Sirauti hour chimal of charge.

Nabagato primne piti water s jerel scho zagublena in Ls that I can sniti lachey for mahoganey with the stitch plate. Yea same here vdott the fact, that the very nature dlitsa s people sway cluseau force, scho take water from the earth, not s trivial tap.

General Shanice - TSE-spavinaw evropeiska Misto, yakomu characters purity, horos road, corrositivity msavi italv h I love to msca, de stink live.

scolastica vrazhennya Mauger, scho Shanice nestlike small, scho , awkward, abiti per day. Vulitsi loginauth pagarba, that wants panacea. Many dorg scho ydut usdeur private budynku, iterotica in CIS gate, I brought povertetsya ago.

Comus Shanice Mauger to self surrender odnim Mostecka, in yakomu absent niyakogo rozvag. I really clubv first discotheques there is no. The th lubitelyam the boardwalk, bauchem "ligulate" Vern dress, there are Robit NEMA chogo. Ale yakscho VI Tomilina from STI, I want strike not show himself, skilki podivitis at the sides, Pachuca trebnitz mayzhe exotic for nashogo zhittya kabatskogo mestechka, nosological nature Yak then literally on the skin CROC VDRIVE all Novi miracles then laskavo requests made in Shanzu, and if pridate, don't forget kinoti a coin in roku, after you obov'yazkovo want rotate.

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