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How you can make sure that the translation is done correctly and your target audience will understand? This is what we tell the employee of the translation company "Language Solutions PRO" in which you can order a translation with notary certification (see additional details ).


native speaker

it is best to find a native speaker, because he has the advantage, which is the linguistic intuition that allows you to name different things so that for the target audience, they will sound correctly.

But, if a man speaks in the target language, it is a long way from the fact that the original language (Ukrainian, Russian, etc.) clear to him. The ideal variant is when the interpreter Vlad the original language on the same level as native. This is possible if the translator has experience working / living in Ukraine, Russia or any other state of original language.

Or all can be absolutely on-to another: the translator may own the Ukrainian / Russian as a native language, and proficiency in foreign language (French, German, English, Spanish etc.) is almost on par with native speakers (which is possible due to long-term residence in another country, study in a foreign University or working abroad, etc.). But be aware that the interpreter must not only speak the language, and to be a professional in a specific field.

this suggests that residence in a foreign country without work experience specifically in the translation region is absolutely not enough.


Background information

This method is probably the most important to ensure the quality of translation. Often, clients who do not speak the language of the translation and cannot evaluate the translation. That is why individuals and offices in the translation industry, a huge importance is given to personal reputation.

Good periodicheskoe Agency will gladly provide its customers with all the information you need. And the firms participating in the tenders on transfers for large contracts, very often we need to provide a summary of their own interpreters with their qualifications. In this case, the view summary specific translators is an effective method to predict the final result of the translation.


Matching subject and skills

it is Much easier to work with an interpreter, knowledgeable in the subject of your translation. Almost all the translators have some specific specialty. And the more narrow specialization owned by the translator, the better translation he can do. You should always ask the translator to show samples of past translations. Also, often specialized, small periodicheskie Bureau provides nailuchshei service because:

  • they pick translators more personalized bar, rather than a universal periodicheskie of the Agency;
  • often, they are more modern and the best training and experience, because they work in a very finely-tuned periodicheskogo segment of the market.

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