How to start and how to open a hair salon economy class

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Well, in principle, a simple question,we all know such barbershops and at least once in their life happened. Often they work for men and women hairdressers, there may be a nail master, this in principle range of hairdressing economy class and ends. Here it is necessary to pay attention to several things: furniture, equipment, officialdesign, personnel, facilities and the area of ??opening a barbershop, start-up capital and a few other minor issues.

The room and the District location barbershop

Hairdressers Budget popular among people with low income. And if you think logically, then such people Obachno live in small villages, sleeping rayonahv, private sector, where there are no good houses and cottages. Think first about the area, and then we have to consider the options you have to purchase or vacant rental premises for the conduct of our business. The room should allow you to simultaneously cut at least 3-4 clients. Must be female and muzhsKie master hairdressers, so the room must contain at least 2 rooms for work and 1 room as a warehouse, where the hairdressers will undress and eat it ideal one-bedroom apartment which will be given 2 rooms on the masters of salon and kitchen with entrance hall, toilet and bathroom are for staff.

Staff barber shop

Count on the fact that you just type hairdressers and you get everything at once, and will profit - at least silly. In fact, even in not very hyped hairdressers have their clients, and the hairdresser economy class is best to hire people without extensivework experience. So Ladies hairdresser must have at least 3 years experience, for Gents 1-2 years experience quite normalno.Takzhe need to think about the technicals when master cleaned after made their hair is quite normal, and make him wash the floors - it is rabstvo- ). Mainly in residential areas, villages and other settlements and veinsx sites where you can open a hair salon economy class lives a lot of unemployed women, so think about how to hang ads and take on part-time cleaner woman who like to be in the evening to come and leave. Will also need to monitor this cleaner, and it can easily steal something. It is best to hireit is also a guard and pay a little more, but to ask for each lost a comb or a bottle of hair gel. Next you need to think also about the accountant who, in principle at an early stage is not necessary to open and it does not require much. But on a part time accountant even already working somewhere you can take. Accountantsp can come and read all, for example, on the weekend, so you will not have problems with tax and you will understand what the money goes.

equipment for hairdressers

First of all you need hairdressing machine with nozzles for hair, sideburns and beard. As wellzhno will buy a pair of scissors, combs, different devices for the convenience of hairdressers. Also need special hairdresser sidenya- because it just seems that in principle it is possible and on a simple chair man cut. Prepare also to spend money on all sorts of supplies. In fact, this equipment is in manymore about: special drying, curling irons, hair dryers, etc. - it all depends on your services. You also need to shower head, so that the client did not wash your hair under the tap. It is worth thinking about the water heater so that the water was not boiling water or ice.

The furniture in the barber shop

Need not tolko sofas only for customers, but also: shelves, very good mirrors, wardrobes and cabinets. Also in the kitchen should be the entire kitchen, all plumbing, because hairdressers should not be distracted by cooking, there should be: microwave oven and, for example, so that your TV hairdressers boredom did not run away. Also take care about the accessories, you can notsame goal to put the furniture. Think about some beautiful souvenirs that will distract the attention of customers. To somehow entertain the customer just put on the table, magazines, because if you just sit and wait to look at the white walls and can drive you mad. Also in the room where the sit and wait for customers to hang a large mirror. They will be able to sees over and decide finally what they expect from you and what kind of haircut they want to choose.

The formalization

It is necessary to go to the tax and ask there how it's done. After all, the laws are changed very often so it is necessary to learn all of the employees of tax Yinginspectorate, ie from top officials. We can say only one thing that all of this you need money: officially have to pay for making your hair and the opening of your company. You also need to buy a cash register and maybe a patent for these specialties. Be sure you will need to specify what you are salaried wage earners, sinceconsequence you will have to pay their income taxes: income tax and pension accrual. To arrange correctly you certainly better to see a lawyer.

Well, now about all sorts of trivia

Of course you should buy different banners that you hung empty itemenes. It may be advertising some hair dyes, or something else, such as a well-known model. Also, you will need to contact the advertising agency and sign order for your hairdresser economy class. After all, how else will you find people? It will be difficult for them and they can not find you without a sign. And therefore you teryaete customers and subsequently profits. Think also about some minimal advertising. Also a good idea to write a business plan, then you can plan a return on their business line and will know exactly the time when to close his business if he would be unprofitable, will understand when it is best to open a barber shop and nereyti at the network level.

And remember, any hair salon economy class with skilful management can break in and take a leading position at the market and then it will only work best masters and from the customers will not hang up. An example can be considered a beauty salon AIDA, which is a leader in the field for 19 years, and a wide spectrumtr service awards at the world championships and reviews of satisfied customers is proof.

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