What to see in Dresden (small review + video)


If you want to travel nof Germany, be sure to include in your itinerary Dresden, which is one of the most beautiful European cities. His second name: Florence-on-Elbe, because this river flowing through the city, dividing it into the 2nd half. But Florence and Dresden are similar not only that, they also know the huge museum and its oldconstant architecture. Sights of Dresden are known worldwide, also referred to as the capital of East Germany (Saxony). And 8 years ago (in 2006) he was 800 years old. Every year in this city on the Elbe comes a striking number of tourists from around the world. In order to see all the sights you will need more than one day, so luchshe hire a guide who will gladly tell you what you should see in the first place. If you arrived in Dresden on business the hotel also offers plenty for every taste: AZIMUT Hotel Dresden, Bulow Palais, NH Dresden Altmarkt, Swissotel Dresden et al. In which you can hold your business meetings and relax.

Old historic center

Old Dresden is located along the left bank of the Elbe and still admire all its beauty and grandeur. Protestant Frauenkirche church, which was inaugurated in 2005 (immediately after the reconstruction) is considered a symbol of the historic center. Also one of the dignifyShih churches in Dresden Church of Our Lady is considered, which is an outstanding monument of Baroque. Dresden is located inside the old Theatre Square, and at its center - the Semperoper (Dresden Opera House), whose architecture and acoustics allow it to classify the true masterpieces of world theater architecture of the 19th century.

Near Semper OperaThe Zwinger Palace is located, which is the real gem among all the Saxon palaces. Inside the palace visitors, tourists can see the Dresden Art Gallery. To date, it contains the most beautiful paintings of the world-famous Italian and Spanish painters. For example, well-known all over the world "SixTinskaya Madonna "by Raphael, is stored here. Also in the palace, you will see the Museum of porcelain and armory. The Museum of porcelain placed a unique collection of vases and dinner services from Japan and China. Dresden Armory famous exhibits amazing weapons and armor, there are more than 10,000. yet it is rightly called a historical museum.Houses the sword that Peter gave Augustus the Strong. Also one of the most famous museums of Dresden is Albertinum - museum of paintings and jewelry. It has paintings by famous artists-impressionists and a rich collection of jewelry. On the left bank of the river Elbe is Br?hl's Terrace, which is also called "BalcoMr Europe ". This terrace leads to the baroque bridge Augusta, which connects the old and new town.

New City

So New Dresden enables tourists to see very interesting sights. One of them is a monument to the 18th century - "Golden Horseman" (in which Augustus the Strong is sitting on the horse). This statue is coated with gold, and is made of copper. With regard to modern attractions, you can go to the dairy shop "Pfunds Molkeray", she became famous all over the world, hitting the Guinness Book of Records (they did beautifully decorated dairy store - all the tiles, which are decorated ceiling, walls and floor of the store, were razrisuyovany manually). The area between the Elbe and Albertplatts area is one of the trendiest places in Dresden. A Russian tourists will be pleasantly surprised Orthodox church of St. Simeon Divnogortsa father, which was built in the 19th century.

Tourists who has ever been in Dresden, always speak with admiration about this mysterious and beautiful placese, and its attractions are remembered forever. Who visited these places, 100% love them and they will remain in his heart forever. It started, all with a small fishing village Drazhdyana .... but look now - Dresden became one of the most famous centers of art and culture in the world.

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