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All about the winter holidays in Greece

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The winter is about to come into its own right, and you are thinking aboutgood, relaxing winter vacation in the heart wanting to find a place warmer, so as not to deprive yourself of the pleasure to admire the snow? If so, the perfect option for you - rest in stunning Greece . The sound of music and dance rhythms « Sirtaki » zakruzhat you and absorb completely, because it ischeerful and unforgettable country called – Greece.

Greece in winter

Despite the crisis, Greece does not cease to be one of the most visited places on the globe. Many people associate Greece with summer vacation, because the pronunciation of the name of the country immediately, etc.ihodyat to mind the Greek islands with pristine beaches. But tourists who have visited there in the winter, will agree that Greece does not lose its charm, and in the winter. And do not worry that winter will deprive you of visits to the sights of this ancient country. Winter in Greece soft, average temperature -about 10 degrees, the rains are infrequent, you can spend days enjoying the warm sunshine. This means that you can visit the archaeological parks and historic sites. Moreover, in the winter time for sightseeing is greatly reduced due to the small number of tourists. However, it is worth considering thatand the work of such places in the winter shortened archaeological parks in the Greece winter work from 16.00 to 17.00. The main thing is that you will not have to stand in line at the sultry heat and sweating in the sun.

Mount Pindus and Parnassus

If you're a fan of the ski resort, then get ready for an unforgettable experience in the mountains of Pindus and Parnassus. The latter is famous for its cross-country ski descent of any difficulty. If you do not dare to ski, you can choose a place to relax island Crete and roll down a hill on a sled. Note on weekends and nrazdnikam hotels are crowded, and should book rooms in advance, sometimes even a couple of months ahead.


In the Greece a lot of SPA-hotels. SPA-procedures will help you relax after exploring the sights and skiingfrom the mountains. For your body will be a good gift Greek cuisine. It is a sample of healthy food - olive oil, fresh fish, seafood, cheeses. The latest advances in cosmetology and medicine along with a healthy diet will help you return home perfectly rested. The best part for you is that you can SOCABova real « Greek salad & raquo ;. The difference between the « our » and this salad just enormous, it will mark any tourist. Very pleasantly surprised flavors – grilled octopus, sounds, of course, not very appetizing, but how gentle turns this dish that you will be amazed. In this country know how to cookbe delicious desserts. Even the most fastidious gourmet will find something you can eat. For example - delicious baklava or « & raquo ;, Galaktoboureko dish which consists of a delicate cream filling and cake stacked layers.


For those who like to warm blood, Gretion offers a lot of great local wines. Almost every restaurant or cafe offers anisette. It is not necessary to give it up, it should try at least once, especially if you decide to spend your winter holiday in this wonderful country. Portions of food in restaurants, cafes, snack bars, kebab, taverns, always hearthare huge, even the most hungry traveler or just a visitor of these places will leave with a full stomach and a great mood. In addition to Greek cuisine, you will find many restaurants and cafes with international cuisine, so do not worry – hungry in the Greece will not leave you!

Christmas discount

And of course, do not forget about Christmas discounts. They begin a few weeks before the holidays. During this period, you can buy quality goods for a penny, discounts reach 60-80 percent. Men, this is a unique opportunity for you. You will finally be able for nA bit of money to satisfy his wife by buying her a whole sets of clothes. And all this will happen in a festive and beautifully decorated streets, accompanied with a pleasant smell of the coffee shop windows.

You will be delighted with this stunning cities of the country, from the local people, so welcoming and friendly that you tell them will be slightlyof envy. As you can see, rest in Greece in the winter has a lot of advantages. Positive emotions and good impressions from the winter holidays in Greece are guaranteed for a long time.

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