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Let's for a moment dive into your childhood and remember the fabulous world of cartoons, which so fascinated us. What makes him so special for a child? And the fact that the animals come to life and speak in a human voice, and the fact that bright pictures so vividly convey emotions, and especially the fact that cartoon characters are so similar to ourselves: they have the same joys and troubles, just cry and laugh, as well make friends and get disappointed, I'm afraid, protect the weak. In other words, they are as alive as we are, and besides, brightly, beautifully drawn. By the way, this directly applies to interesting that is very popular now.

During my childhood cartoon was perceived differently because that was not as available as it is now: children's programs go at certain hours (mostly in the morning and in the afternoon on Sunday) and they had to wait as for a special occasion. It's different now because kids have access to cartoons actually at any time. There are TV channels, which broadcast round the clock cartoons, there is a computer with Internet access: all of this encourages the child to look more. So you should think about the impact of such "luxury" of children and their education.

First of all, the parents became more difficult. There is the actual question: how to stop a child from temptation? Now all the responsibility for this rests with the parents. Why? Because nobody will regulate time child: TV companies have a profit and the children themselves still do not know how to resist the temptation. So how can that be? Imagine the child who stands at the tray with ice cream. There is it very much different. But as will ask the kid, you buy him all the ice cream that is in the store. You will choose one or the other. And choose carefully, guided by their own experience. And try to convince the child that this ice cream is delicious. You see, you already have experience, be sure to use it! After all, you won't buy the child what is harmful to her health.

So it is with watching TV: if a child sits all day in front of a screen, just ask yourself, and mastered he the tray of ice cream? In addition, some cartoons just harmful to child development. Therefore, carefully choose the product that "consumes" your child. Every thing shown on television, has certain information, it forms a certain Outlook. The question is, the baby needs such information and proper world she creates? It turns out that it is necessary to monitor two things are time and quality. The optimal duration of watching cartoons for students - from 30 to 40 minutes a day. For preschoolers and enough half (15-20 min the Baby is easier to accustom to the order, if he sits to watch cartoons at the same time. For example, twice a day (morning and evening) for 15-20 minutes (5-10 minutes for preschoolers). And not necessarily tied to the TV - it is better to make your own collection of cartoons on DVD or just on the computer.

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