Chandeliers - the main source of lighting


it is not surprising that most of us prefer a chandelier as the main lighting source. Today the assortment of lamps of all kinds is so huge that for any decor and effortlessly always find the desired option of the chandelier.

Virtually any specialty store you can see a rich range: from luxurious chandeliers, which help to create a formal, solemn setting in a stylish, ergonomic lamps in the style of futurism or high-tech. Between them - chandeliers, decorated in the styles of past eras: Renaissance, Empire, Baroque, Gothic, Rococo, classicism, art Nouveau.

If your interior is done in a Victorian, Byzantine or Romanesque style - is not a problem - the ceiling lights and chandeliers will surely be able to accommodate you in the cabin of svetylko "Asya". These two types of lamps differ only in the principal feature of the attachment.

Chandeliers are ceiling fixtures category. But not all ceiling lights are chandeliers. It primarily depends on the construction and design. By the way, this is the salon the opportunity (or together with the designer) to come up with its chandeliers, floor lamp or a collection - and 2 weeks to receive it! More information you can visit the website: .


What kind of chandelier is best to choose

the Chandelier is characteristic of the rolling process, that is, they present chain, which is usually hanging lamp. The main feature of the chandelier is the presence of a few shades, and thus the light sources will be few. More economical to use low-power lamp, if you have, for example, five lampshades. In this case, the chandelier will evenly illuminate the space. Crystal chandeliers instantly mesmerize - transparent parts create a gorgeous play of light. But when buying a chandelier, keep in mind that caring for her will be harder than normal, because it is much more small parts that will very often be cleaned from dirt and dust so that your chandelier has continued to attract views. If you have the room is low ceilings, suggest to choose a chandelier with a short chain.

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