What do you know about playing cards?


Manufacturers cards in 1260 in Germany, founded a whole separate company. Because the dice are highly prized and worth a lot of money, because you can then print the pictures could not, all parts, drawings of the masters performed with their hands. France maps imported enterprising Italian merchants. This is confirmed by historical notes. For example, a special decree was ordered to buy the cards for the entertainment of the king. Then the cards had a length of 22 centimeters and were extremely comfortable to play. Since that time, the card master has attached special importance which is today virtually nothing is known of today's youth. Each picks up the card and does not even understand that they have great meaning. All four suits and different values of wizard passed all military and political essence.


Value cards

From the Latin ACE meant it As in turn the title of one gold coin. So, during the game, the ACE was the biggest map and even beat the kings. So here was committed to the value that even a king with no money is not the kings and will bat, especially if we are talking about the war. If the Lord has no aces, consider it one. Here is the profound significance of it was simple at first glance aces. Of clubs is the French Prairie grass (Trefle), this is reminiscent of the suit that a good military leader should not relax in the country may still need the army. Diamonds and spades say that the gun must be well equipped. Most likely, you well know from the history of weapons of the peak? The tip of the arrow, the spear, that's exactly what symbolizes a spade.

the Suit of worms means the exploits and courage of the generals, Caesar, Alexander, Carla, who stand at the head of four quadrilles and show how it was not numerous and brave army of the country, the warriors are in need of brave and intelligent generals. The life of these people is priceless, so when it starts a powerful attack, to give the king good protection.

What is it ? Is a boundless sea of pleasure and positive emotions. You can just one evening to tell or to multiply your capital. In addition to the income generated by the machines is one of the most exciting pastimes. You will not notice how fly a fun and exciting time. This is because each individual machine has a story and music that only adds to the gambling.

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