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Probably the word server heard almost all the people who ever in your life faced with a PC connected to the network. Often, people imagine the server as a system increased power or as a bit different from the PC model of the computer. It is believed that the servers really need on the stock exchanges, in banks, in major industrial companies. Moreover today many large websites and online shopping are also available on dedicated servers. Servers that cost $ 10,000 - it's a common thing, but also have servers that cost more than $ 1 million. Also today, you can rent yourself a server, and not spend a lot of money for its purchase. By the way, if you need a dedicated , Germany, the Netherlands or Russia, you can rent it on the website: adminvps.ru.

Have the word server is the same root as the word service . Server is not just a computer, and the computer that can provide some services to other PCs that are directly connected to it. The server assumes that the computer is somehow connected to each other and directly with him, which is a step to work together people who sit behind a PC. I.e. personal computer to the server is not suitable since it rather is a shared computer!

Previously, all computers were servers. Indeed, some 20 years ago, no such thing as the PC did not exist. The size of the computer was as the wardrobe, he simultaneously served a huge number of users, kept all the information and performed all calculations. Users, in turn, communicated with the computer with the display + keyboard (terminal). A personal computer is something else entirely. It is quite a powerful machine that operates autonomously. And here is the crux of the matter: which method works the most effective? - lies roughly in the middle: well when your Desk is a machine with high computing power, however, and the advantages of working together that gives the server, is also unquestionable.


the benefits of using the server:

  • huge capacity due to the multiprocessor architecture;
  • low cost;
  • teamwork c printers, hard drives, modems;
  • the ability to work remotely with the server;
  • working with email, sending and receiving faxes from any PC on the network.

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