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If we talk in scientific language, a habit is a recurring behavior that has a mutual responsibility. This happens on a subconscious level, the person does something unconsciously. Habits are extremely difficult to change. By force we can't use and control the subconscious mind. It is therefore necessary to determine the source of the bad habit, then start working on removing it. Habits can be decomposed into three components of a routine, incentive and reward. In this article we will teach you how to eliminate habits that can greatly affect the game of poker.


Bad habits in poker

many players are one and the same habit that greatly affects the future. For example, the long-awaited day off, the player spends hours in the game, but after that, reward yourself accustomed to alcoholic drinks. These awards become a habit and almost after each completed session the players start to relax with the help of the bottle. As a result, these negatively affect the next game, start a stress, and as a rule, the morning from drinking of the player activity falls, it becomes much more difficult to make decisions. Promotes the habit of craving to do it, so if you succumbed to this kind of relaxation, it is urgent to tie.


Changing habits

Some researchers have conducted experiments and found out how to change habits. Can you stimulate how stimulated before the game, but you should change the final reward. At first it will be overwhelming thirst to drink, but eventually it will subside. To exercise willpower in this case will be easy, it's not alcohol dependence. You need to understand that it can substitute for alcoholic drinks. In the process of studying this problem have been different if, for example, one young man missed our evening conversations with his wife. What he just did, but the thirst never left him till he began to talk with his wife at the end of the day and it worked.

do Not worry you will definitely find a new hobby to replace the habit. You have to understand that alcohol will not lead to anything good, it is every day more and more adversely affects the mental activity.

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