The types of horoscopes and their purpose

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today there are a huge number of types of horoscopes. In the usual sense of the horoscope explains the influence of the location of the moon, Sun, celestial bodies, stars, and other planets directly on the destiny of man. Ancient scientists made attempts to foresee the destiny of man, and they were based on different types of horoscopes. So a variety of horoscopes with different levels of details and different precisions explained the characteristic tendency of a particular man and his lifeline.



  • Horoscope compatibility. It is used mainly loving people in order to find out their compatibility. To obtain this information need to combine their Natal horoscopes, and on the basis of the information received to decide whether there can be successful relationships. By the way, you can view on the website:;
  • Natal horoscope. This type of horoscope is one of the most popular. It is based on the time and place of birth of a particular person. With the help of this horoscope, the astrologer can read the fate of a particular person, to explain inherent in it the ability, as well as events that can happen to a person in the future;
  • Local horoscope. He explains the change of human destiny as a result of moving from 1st place to 2nd;
  • Horary horoscope. Its purpose is the answer to the question. Create it directly in the moment when the question is asked. With all this taken into account and also the place where the question was asked;
  • Mundane horoscope. This horoscope is considered the most comprehensive and General. With it, you can study the fate of a particular person, and the fate of entire Nations, States and countries. With all this taken into account the place and time of origin of specific peoples or the nation;
  • karma horoscope. It is based on the past lives of a specific person. It is based on cycles of lunar and solar eclipses. For the uninitiated composed of the karmic horoscope could well be unpleasant. Often in the horoscope indicates weak points of a person who must be eradicated or improved. It is quite informative and gives very useful information about the current incarnation of the person.

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