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In a country like France awarding of stars by the Ministry of tourism, i.e. it happens at the state level, due to the particular importance of tourism to the economy of the country. Stars hotels in France is a little different from other countries.

the lowest tier of hotels are of class HT, i.e. hotels without a category. In fact, the level of service they are similar to hostels, i.e. the maximum that can count the tourist in such a place is a bed with basic facilities.


Class 2*

Hotels of this class is a classic budget hotel with compact rooms in a block or individually, and also with the opportunity not only to spend the night, and also Breakfast in the morning. There is also an improved version of the 2* hotels is a SUP. Here in the guest room has a TV and telephone, as well as more available a rich Breakfast menu.


Class 3*

Hotels 3-star hotels provide restaurant or cafe, a broader set of equipment rooms and services. In France, these hotels are often located in historic mansions. As in 2* hotels, there are also SUP option where for a fee you can provide a mini-bar and a Breakfast directly to your room.

4-d stars hotels already have business class that are more diverse and better service, as well as a selection of additional services (round-the-clock room service, swimming pool, twice daily maid service, etc.) for a higher fee. But the luxury of the hotels of the highest category, not here. By the way, in Moscow the example of 4* hotel is Salut .

the highest class of hotels is the 4-d star Luxe. On the territory of the country there are not many, and some of these hotels are well known outside of France. The level of cuisine, equipment, services and work of the staff here the highest. The cost of a night in these hotels starts from 300 Euro.

In France there is no 5 star, but there is a hotel-class Palace the most expensive and luxury intended for the accommodation of VIP guests. Visitors to this hotel can enjoy the presidential Suite of 100 m2 with a unique design, as well as gorgeous antique furnishings.

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