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You've probably heard the expression: "as Many languages you know as many times you are human". Indeed, without the knowledge of foreign languages anywhere now, lots of jobs around will require proficiency in at least one English - at a high level. In this article, we decided to give you a few tips, without spending a lot of money and effort to achieve high results.


Read on the original language

this, we believe, heard by all who have studied the language, however, browses for reading, many have postponed a book with strange eyes and with a clogged head. All because "to read in the original language" does not mean to read the original work from the pen of the author. If your English level, at least, not B1, I advise you to take a reading of the adapted works, many of which you can find in stores at an affordable price. By the way, for more info you can read here: .


Listen to English music

And not just listen to, as they say, "from the bulldozer", and look for the lyrics, try to translate it listen to a song, watching the lyrics on the screen. Musicians constantly use in his work a common English expression, and, remembering the lyrics of a song in your head will remain quite a large number of other necessary phrases. In addition, you will improve the ability to perceive the language by ear, which is very important in communication.


Lead talks with a native speaker

a Huge number of people thinks: "If ordinary language courses are expensive, lessons with a native will cost several times more expensive!" However, it is not. There are many organizations that help people to learn a language on a voluntary basis, and many teachers are carriers.


Watch English films

In this the Council again has its own nuances. If your language level B1 and below, we suggest you to view the tape with Russian subtitles, if B2 and above, you should use English, or even to refuse them.


Online services

today on the Internet there is just an unreal amount of free services that will help you learn the language even from 0. By using them, you will learn a lot of thematic vocabulary and affix knowledge a huge amount of exercise.

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