How not to splurge to make repairs in his apartment

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In this article we will try to answer this question and help us to understand Mikhailov K. E. employee of the construction company "Danica". By the way, if you are looking for quality , then the company "Danica" will be the best choice.


Design project

Before you start the repair, you need to decide what you want to do. You need to describe everything in minute detail: up to the design and colour of the Wallpaper and the location of lamps and sockets. Do not start to do the repair until you think through all the details. Checked more than once in different places of the globe and different families: the most reliable way to spend a lot of money for is not really not needed materials and items, as well as to delay the repair, or worse yet, to alter it is to make repairs on a main to start - and there we see . The ideal option would be a design project. If you have no opportunity to consult a professional designer, then draw a sketch. By the way, today there is a huge amount that will help you with this.
it is Very important to think through beforehand:

  • the balance of home appliances and furniture
  • lighting
  • the system storage.

it is Very important that the new design and your renovation plan liked brand all your family members. Otherwise, because of the scandals and rework your repair may never be complete.



Many people believe that this paragraph is necessary to control builders, which make the repair. But, as practice shows, in the 1-St of all, it is necessary for you. Exact arithmetic calculations are capable of even the most ardent science fiction to return to our sinful earth from his flight of fancy of a luxurious Palace interior in a simple khrushchovkas. Of course, in any case there will be unexpected expenses, but at least the estimate establishes its scope. Now the range of prices for services and materials is very great, which is why it is very important initially to understand what repairs you can afford.


don't skimp on safety

most Likely, in the world there are people who are starting the repairs in the apartment, want to harm your health and worsen the quality of life. But in reality... this happens not infrequently. According to the environmentalists: cheap repair could lead to the fact that the air in your apartment will be in 6 - 8 times dirtier than outside.

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