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most Likely, everyone knows what a cashier's check is used in the conduct of the cash payments. Next, we will talk about what constitutes a receipt and what special requirements to it and tell us about it Vashchenko A. E. employee of the company are Valid checks : that implements !

According to the Federal law №54 (from 22 May 2003): all tax payers who carry out cash transactions or payments with use of Bank cards in the following cases: execution of works, sale of goods or rendering of services are obliged to use cash registers. Cashier's check which is issued to the buyer, in this case, just confirms the fact of use of a cash register sole proprietorship or organization. This was clearly stated in the 5th article of this Federal law.

To date, all claims to cassowary checks, specified in the 4th paragraph "Provisions for use of cash registers when carrying out monetary calculations with the population", which, in turn, utverzhdali government resolution No. 745 (1993).

On the receipt that is issued to clients (buyers) or backing (supplementary) document should display the details such as:

  • identification (ID) of the taxpayer;
  • name of organization
  • serial number of the cash register;
  • service cost (purchase);
  • time and date of purchase of the goods (or provide services)
  • the sequence number check;
  • the sign of the fiscal regime.

All of the above requirements to cash checks make it impossible to identify exactly which product was purchased. That is why the majority of sellers in addition to the required information displays in the cash receipts and additional data that allow to identify what kind of purchase made by the buyer, in other words in a cashier's check sellers include the name of the product sold by them. Although based on interpretation of norms of the aforementioned "Regulations" - they are not obliged to do so.

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