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the Word the drawing is not very easy to give a precise definition, because it covers a huge number of interrelated, but, at the same time, different types of artistic activity. To explain the term in simple as drawing lines on a sheet of paper. If we consider from this point of view, the painting is 1 of the fundamental forms of human activity. Immediately after the child to an adequate level develops manual dexterity and he can take a pencil (pen) - he begins to RUB it over the paper, he is not yet aware of what he was doing.

Modern Swiss draftsman and painter Paul Klee said that drawing is the choice of roads to walk. In addition, for many artists drawing clearly performs a descriptive function.

Many people think that the ability to draw a kind of special gift. In fact, there are some people for whom drawing is given without much difficulty. But in majority of cases the painting is a skill that you can learn. More detail about how to learn to draw can be found on the website: . And then we look at how using while drawing different materials, you can achieve interesting effects.



  • in Order to get blurry edges on your figure, you need to drip with vodka (or water) on a sheet that is covered with watercolor. This method goes to paint the sky, covered with clouds;
  • the Effects of "ice crust", snowflakes, "cereal" you can get if you applied the watercolor image posivite salt
  • crumpled paper get uneven chaotic retouching;
  • Many options has to paint with a stencil. For example, try to the sheet of paper to make the cutout figure, and then coat them with watercolor paint. After that a stencil to be cleaned and to give the paint a chance to spread. The result: from object center to the periphery will intensify the color, and the contours of the stencil image will be blurred
  • by using height you can achieve interesting texture
  • When a multi-layer image possible manifested "2nd" layer. On a sheet of paper and something to draw with crayons or candle, and then cover the drawing with a watercolor paint. In those places where something drawn by the candle or chalk, the paint will go smoothly, and, as a result, it will be seen the image;
  • "Vytsarapyvanie" pattern on the paint. On paper you need to draw something for a candle or crayons (or just paint a sheet of paper with crayons). Next, you need to cover the paper sheet with a dense layer of gouache and let it dry. After the paint is dry you can proceed directly to vytsarapyvanie pattern. Where will the chalk, gouache will go fine, and in other places - the paint will remain smooth background;
  • From the drawing with a sponge also gives a very interesting effect. Try sponge painted the sea or the trees;
  • by using cellophane or gauze you can give the image "fluffiness". This effect is good to apply with the stencil. Initially, it is necessary from a cardboard cut out figure of some animal and attach it to the sheet of paper. Then cellophane or gauze, put it into diluted water paint, and light dvizheniem slide along the contour of the stencil. After you remove the stencil you will see a clear figure of the animal, and the circuit will look fluffy and soft;
  • as an additional means of drawing try to use threads;
  • amazing circles from the paint out, if you draw an electric massage or with a toothbrush.

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