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Probably, a lot of people put to themselves this question. Most of them even tried it under earn. Usually such attempts end in a quick Google search of easy money. The key in this sentence is the word easy. So, the absolute majority wants to cut the dough . There is a common myth that the Internet is a specific area of the lucky ones, where earn easy money. Usually such precedents are available, but they are in real life, and in both cases it is not a mass phenomenon.

now, clicking on links from search results, people face multiple gray's office, which make a nice living for yourself, but do not give earn You. You offer to constantly click on the suggested promotional materials, to sell something, then spam ... Options like this activity a lot. At the same time you balance even the accumulation of money. But when You finally want to withdraw - nothing happens. By the way, .

Such schemes there are many and they came across a lot of people. So now there is a perception that the Internet is earn impossible. However, it is not. Impossible earn easy money if You are willing to do the work, effort, money on the Internet is quite possible. In this article I will talk only about those options earnings, which tried the author of the publication.


Own site

so, the first variant real earnings - create your own website. It's pretty hard work, which, however, due to the ordinary user and the network. The creation of a website, if You are not a programmer and don't want to create your own software products, consists of two major phases: the establishment of the engine and filling the site with content.

There are a large number of engines, correct of content management systems. Some of them are free and quite self-sufficient. Filling content you can spend in two ways - immediately add all the necessary materials or fill it throughout its lifetime. Finally, when everything is ready and your website flooded with visitors, you can start most of earnings, so-called monetization of the site.


Selling links

If your creation is low attendance, it still can be turned into a profitable project by selling links. You must register, for example, on the exchanges Sape SetLinks or, place the appropriate code on the website, set the prices and take bookings. The author of this article have been tested both above exchange.

Earned from the sale of links you can usually withdraw money to your WebMoney account, and then to act on their own - put in the Bank, to make purchases online or pay bills online.

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