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Where to stay on holiday in Sochi

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Sochi is 1 of the most popular kurortov of the Russian Federation. Stay in this city for those people who like boiling city life, a rich variety of clubs, cafes, restaurants and various entertainment options. For example, on the beaches of the city you will find a huge selection of water attractions: jet skis, banana boats , bungee, etc. it Should be noted that the most expensive hotels of Sochi, which is located near the sea, often have their own private beaches (equipped and well-maintained). Paid (or closed) the beach area can also be reserved for children's rest homes, health resorts and sanatoriums. Some of the hotels located near open public beaches (crowded and quite dirty), however in close proximity to them, are the main entertainment facilities of Sochi.


Next we look more closely at some of the hotels:

  • So, for example, the main advantage of the hotel complex the Crew is its own beach 30 meters from the hotel and its convenient location. Guests can rent equipment and do some varieties of water sports;
  • Also well maintained and clean beach is located 300 m from the hotel Mirit , which is at least in a green quiet area of the resort Avenue - in the heart of Sochi. By the way, if you are looking for , then you can find them on the website:
  • On the territory of Sochi national Park you check in at the VIP Guesthouse Green grove , which has its private beach, which directly to the guests of the hotel offers Shuttle service, since Green grove is located at a height of one hundred and thirty meters above sea level;
  • If you are one of those people who even on vacation watch their form, then you probably liked hotel complex Parus with its own Spa, swimming pool, stadium and gym, and the beach is just a five minute walk from the hotel;
  • And to those people who can not live without luxury and service you need to pay attention to Grand hotel birthplace (it has 5 stars), which is surrounded by subtropical plants. The hotel homeland is available: restaurants, Billiards room, private beach, Spa, cinema swimming pools, tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts, etc.

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