On holiday in Agha (Krasnodar, Russia)


Two kilometers from the resort of Agha is the very rock Kiselev - one of the monuments of nature Tuapse district. The beauty of this mountain, we all remember the movie « The Diamond Arm & raquo ;. This is where the shooting took place this famous film. If you write about entertainment, the resort Agha of nredostatochno. The beaches are sun loungers, changing rooms, showers, toilets, umbrellas, volleyball court, bars, restaurants and many other useful things.

The friendly owners of private houses and mini-hotels will try to do everything so that your visit was the highlight in your life. Any one year in May, Junee, July, August, September and October, we get nothing but good reviews about inexpensive but high quality service in the Agha ing hotels. Of the many places of Krasnodar region, namely Agha began to gain popularity exponentially. We offerYour attention the best hotel in the village with Adyg name. Rest in the Krasnodar region is exactly in the rest of Russia, and not somewhere abroad. And we tried to Online « Beach Sun & raquo ;. You can find detailed information on any vacation there. A vacation in the Tuapse quite expensive and not justified in ecologynical terms. Therefore, you better choose a place of rest on the sea somewhere in the region of Tuapse. In one such resort towns like Agha . There for it has all the normal conditions. For lovers of special thrill there is an airport in the Agha (It isnear Lermontovo). There are offered flights and parachute jumps into the Black Sea. Earlier in the Agha Airport was owned by the military. Now its runway use parachutists, hang gliders and other athletes.

There, including from Lermontov, comevacationers to stay active. From shore Agha You can sail on a mattress admire endless spectacular sea. Local travel agencies offer tours wishing family trips to the most beautiful places in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. To visit all the attractions of RedDarski historic sites, one month is not enough. Family vacation at a resort Agha is a conscious choice for everyone. There are all conditions regardless of whether it came to rest alone, with family, with children or with friends. Also there are close to the village and conditions for lovers wander through the woods in the mountains, encroachingamb berries, nuts, mushrooms, edible plants t. e. in a private hotel resort village Agha can relax people with different financial capabilities. Services aga ing hotels are very diverse.

Here you can always find andlow-cost segment for recreation, entertainment and super expensive. For a cheap family holiday all conditions. In the center of the resort Agha have inexpensive markets, lots of cafes and restaurants. At every step there selling fruit, berries, ice cream, flowers and so on. An interesting vacation on the Black Sea - a news intimate acquaintance, unforgettable romantic stories, and maybe even true love will meet you at the resort n. Agha . There is a lot of interesting things in the village of Agha and for families with children. At many sites, hotels have a sandbox, baby gOrcs Lazanki and more.

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